Our company

Quotas is a market research company, partner of the well-known research institutes such as Ipsos, TNS Sofres, BVA, CSA, GFK ... Our core business is to create bridges between brands or institutions and their consumers or users. We seek and meet people who, through their experiences, will bring new projects, products and services. Studying the practices and habits on the field, closer to the individuals, we act to allow companies and institutions to respond more and always better to the needs and expectations of their consumers and users.

Our values :

- Proximity
- Ethics
- Trust
- Collaboration
- Continuous improvement

Our fundamental principles

- Adaptability
- Reactivity
- Involvement
- Quality
- Customer satisfaction

Our strengths :

Thanks to our experience and know-how, Quotas is a recognized player in the field of qualitative and quantitative studies. On each study, we reflect on the proper execution of the methodology entrusted to us, the right target casting and the best accompaniment of our clients throughout the project. For this, we can count on a network of experienced partners all over France: recruiters, investigators, team leaders, animators, translators, freelance consultants, rental companies equipped rooms ...

Our vision :

We have chosen a close collaboration and flexibility of adaptation for each of our customers and for each of their requests. We are very committed to maintain quality relationships with our clients : effective, sincere and sustainable.

Our SCOP :

Created in 1992, the company is first known under the Quota Sud entity. In 2013, she became Quotas and changed status to become a SCOP (Cooperative and Participative Society). Thus, Quotas promotes the idea that employees can collectively take control of the future of their work tool, participating in the construction of a fairer, more humane society. We thus contribute to the promotion of a modern form of enterprise, vector of democracy and development and a collective capacity to undertake. These principles are felt in the internal management of our organization but also in the relationship we create with each of our interlocutors.