Conditions of participation

Commitment :

By registering on our database, you are free to decide at any time whether or not to participate in our surveys when we offer them to you. Your registration does not commit you to answering questionnaires or participating in surveys. However, once your registration on a research has been confirmed by telephone, you are obliged to honour this commitment by your presence (in the case of a meeting or interview) or your active involvement (in the case of an independent study). If you are unable to attend, you must inform the person who enrolled you, otherwise you will not be asked to participate in further studies.

Limitation :

The number of times you can participate in surveys is limited to 3 per year. If you participate more than three times, the veracity of your answers and the purpose of your participation may be questioned. This refers to effective participation, i.e. confirmed registration for a study session. Completing the online questionnaires does not constitute an effective participation and is not limited in any way. Only one response per questionnaire is required, the probability of being called back does not depend on the number of responses to the questionnaires.

Rights :

In accordance with the provisions of article 27 of the law of 6 January 1978 and in agreement with the CNIL, you are free to rectify or delete your information from our database at any time. Furthermore, you will not be subjected to any commercial canvassing (neither postal, nor electronic, nor telephone) following this registration. Your data will not be communicated to any third party, except to the person conducting the study for which you are registering.

Incentive :

Each study offered to you is compensated in the form of a bank transfer, a gift voucher (valid in several hundred national stores) or a gift. This is not a remuneration but a compensation to cover any expenses related to your participation (travel, parking, childcare, etc.). The amount of this compensation varies according to the subject of the study and the time required.

Bank details :

Some compensation can be paid by bank transfer. To do this, you are asked, by e-mail, to fill in a form accessible via a link and to enter your bank details (IBAN + BIC). Your details are then transmitted to our bank via a secure transaction during which the data is encrypted. As soon as our accounting department receives proof of the transfer, your bank details are deleted from our files.

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