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    Our team is listening to guide you in all your fields, from consulting to action. Rich of our know-how and our experiences, we are proficient in the complementary fields of quantitative (field logistics, recruitment, indoor tests, mystery visits, shopper ...) and qualitative (equipped rooms rental, recruitment, management of group meetings, group animation, interviews, transcription, multilingual analysis and writing ...)

    Qualitative field :

    - Writing Screener, guide, pre-task…
    - Translation of testing materials (screener, guide, pre-task…)
    - Recruitment B to C, B to B, medical, in situ…
    - Internal department in charge of your recruitments
    - Computer-based and updated data base
    - Logistical support of qualitative research fields (rooms to rent, simultaneous translating, note taking…)
    - Moderation : face to face interviews, in home, ethno, consumer immersion; focus group, workshop, concept Lab, Gang Survey, On line Community…
    - Analysis (debriefing, top lines, reporting)
    - Strong expertise in online research and innovation communities
    - English and French oral presentation of the results

    Quantitave field :

    - National organization of research fields
    - Testing hall…
    - Sniff test, tastings, full scale model of a merchandise rack, in home productplacement …
    - CAPI, CAWI, PAPI / Street recruitment and pre-recruitment
    - Testing at home, mystery shopping, street studies…
    - Coordination of international studies

    Tools :

    - A network of facilities in France and abroad
    - A network of experienced and professional collaborators
    - A network of international partners
    - File encoding, input and delivery
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