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  • The functionning of studies
    Our goal is to collect consumer reviews through home or institute product testing, individual interviews or group meetings on any type of subject. Everyone can be concerned! For each study, we invite representative respondents based on selection criteria defined for the purposes of the study. Your registration allows us to contact you if you are likely to match the profile(s) we need for the study.

    Profile :

    There is no typical profile and the same study may require several different profiles, so it is imperative to remain as honest and spontaneous as possible. The criteria selected can be of all kinds: age, sex, profession, family situation, consumption habit, place of residence, etc. We are therefore asked to question all types of people: active, inactive, children and adolescents (with parental consent), adults and seniors, etc.

    Incentive :

    Each study that is offered to you is compensated, in the form of a bank check, a gift voucher (valid in several hundred national stores) or a gift. It is not a remuneration but a compensation to cover any expenses due to your participation (travel expenses, parking, childcare, etc.). The amount of this compensation varies according to the theme of the study and the time it is necessary to grant it. As an indication, the average compensation varies between 10 and 20 € per hour.

    Procedure :

    Your registration allows us to offer you to participate in surveys. Once registered in our database, you will be contacted by email to answer online questionnaires. Depending on your answers, if you match the criteria, you will be contacted by phone and you may be able to take part in the study. Whether it's an individual interview, a group meeting or a product test, you will be invited to give your opinion or share your experience. Once you have fulfilled this mission, you will be compensated, in recognition of your participation.

    Purpose :

    The information gathered by consulting firms allows public or private companies to be in touch with their customers, to improve their services and products. You have the power to influence what will be proposed tomorrow, to participate in choices that ultimately affect you.
  • Conditions of participation
    Commitment :
    Your registration on our database leaves you free at any time to accept or not to participate in our studies when we offer you this opportunity. Your registration does not commit you to answer questionnaires or participate in studies. However, once you agree to participate in a study and your registration is confirmed by phone, you are required to honor this commitment by your presence (if it is a face-to-face study) or your active involvement (if it is a distance study). In case of impediment, it is imperative to inform the person who registered you, otherwise you will not be asked for the following studies.

    Limitation :

    The number of participation in studies is limited to 3 per year. Beyond 3 entries, the veracity of your answers and the purpose of your approach may be questioned. Limitation only concerns effective participation, when registration at the study session is confirmed. Answering the online questionnaires does not constitute an effective participation and is in no way limited. Only one answer per questionnaire is sufficient, the probabilities of being recalled do not depend on the number of replies to the questionnaires.

    Law :

    In accordance with the requirements of article 27 of the law of 6 January 1978 and in agreement with the CNIL, you are free to correct or delete your information from our database at any time. Moreover, you will not undergo any commercial prospecting (neither postal, electronic nor telephone) following this registration. Your data is not shared with any third party, except the person leading the study you are registering for.

    Bank details :

    Some compensation can be made by bank transfer. To do this, you are asked by email to follow a link and to fill in a form with your Bank Identification Statement (IBAN + BIC). Your details are then transmitted to our bank by a secured transaction during which the data is encrypted. As soon as we receive the proof of transfer by our accounting department, your bank details are deleted from our files.
  • Data use
    See GDPR
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